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TCT saw blade for cutting   High-tensile strength steel pipe / TCT Saw blade for milling cut-off machine
 TCT saw blade for cutting   High-tensile strength steel pipe
Manufacturers in the automobile industry have done a lot of improvement to reduce the weight of production under the circumstances the reductions of CO2 emission and energy consumption are generally required. Among others, the improvement of energy consumption is the essential issue for automobile manufacturers and the importance of this matter has been growing year by year.

Consequently, the usage of high-tensile strength steel pipe has been popular to reduce the weight of automobile because it can reduce the weight of pipe with thinner wall and keep the strength as it is or even make it stronger than before. Manufacturers began to use high-tensile strength steels for many automobile parts and now it is used for door impact beams, seat frames, center pillars, side sills, suspension arms, various kinds of reinforcements, etc. Although the high-tensile strength steel generally means the steel pipe with the tensile strength of 800MPa or more, as it is now, the tensile strength more than 1000MPa is getting popular. However, the high-tensile strength steel pipe is difficult to be cut because it is thinner and harder than the normal pipe and it causes shorter cutting life of the saw blade and needs more cutting cost accordingly.

Then, TANITEC developed LESER BEAM SAW which is suitable for cutting hard, thin, vibrate materials like high-tensile strength steel pipes, and succeeded in cutting hard pipes without saw blades getting chipped, and realizing the longer cutting life of the saw blade.

[Newly - developed LESER BEAM SAW]
The breathtaking saw blade with only 4.5mm pitches between teeth was newly developed in the TCT saw blade world. LASER BEAM SAWφ285 x 2.0(1.7) x 200Z has incredibly small pitches which can cut thin materials without vibration. There is no way for HSS saw blade to do the same.

Here is LASER BEAM SAW      

It is the only-one product, that is, there is no substitute for it in the world. Please try and make use of it for your business. Please contact us through our website first. If you can send your work pieces to us, we will make cutting test of it with our cutting machine and give you the feedback. On the other hands, the size of saw blade can be customized according to the cutting machine you have.

 TCT Saw blade for milling cut-off machine
 In the tube and pipe industry, the demands for the better cutting surface are increasing every year. For a long time in history, friction saw blades have been widely used for the flying cut-off in the milling process in which the cutting machine moves along with the milling production line by the same speed. A wide range of users still prefers to use friction saw blades. However, the cutting surface cut by friction saw blades is rough and often has burrs, which needs secondly process like facing. Then, the new method was invented around 2000 to use multiple TCT saw blades instead of a friction saw blade. That is so-called milling cut-off system or rotary cut-off system. The fine and smooth cutting surface by this cutting method attracts many tube and pipe manufacturers. This cutting method widely spread to all over the world and this stream is still going on.
TANITEC has been engaged in the development of this milling cut-off system since the beginning of development process before selling the machine and has cultivated our technologies to design and manufacture the saw blades for milling cut-off machines. TANITEC is the pioneer of TCT saw blade for the milling cut-off machine in Japan and designs and develops saw blades according to the requests from each user and each production line. Our technologies and know-how for the production of saw blade accumulated over the years are unprecedented. Especially, the tip material, which is very important for the cutting life of the saw blade, was co-developed with tip makers and is our original. These technologies support the fact that TANITEC has 80% market share of the saw blade for milling cut-off machines in Japan and continues to sell the saw blade to many countries in the world.

TANITEC TCT saw blade for milling cut-off machines
⟨Standard type with 4-5 times re-grind available
⟨One way + 1 type with 1 time re-grind available
⟨Long cutting life type with coated
You can select the type according to applications.

Users should severely control the usage of saw blades because the milling cut-off system requires 2 or more saw blades for 1 set to be used at a time and it is said that the possibility of saw blade to be pressed from both sides by the material and completely broken during the flying cut-off process would be about 5~15%.
So, we recommend One way + 1type.
»One way +1 type can take on the aggressive teeth design without care for re-grinding convenience. As the result, the cutting life of the new saw blade is about 1.5 times longer than the cutting life of standard type.
»One way + 1 type can be re-grinded once.

Advantages of One way +1type
(1)Saving the management costs to be spend for the control of saw blades
(2)Getting higher operating rate and higher productivity because of longer cutting life and shorter time of exchanging saw blades
(3)Using saw blades to the last without consideration of re-grinding

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