Management  philosophy

Management philosophy

Development of new products with excellent performance and quality:
We are proud of our leading cutting technology and product performance.  These are  our core competence for developing the market. The development of new product is based on our long and glory history in the field.

Contribution to the society with customer's satisfaction:
Customer is the basis of our business in this field thus we accept change for customer'@satisfaction .

Progress in achievement and challenge of the innovation
As a company, the progress in achievement should be the lofty goal and all activity can be realized according to the progress.
We always keep challenging for innovation since we believe that this is the one prerequisite condition for successful company.

Creative corporate style and talent encouragement
It is important for the company to have creative style and positive power. To enhance the employees infinite ability is the delight for both employee and company.

Corporate Prosperity and employee welfare
The enterprise should contribute to the society as a priority matter, then company prosperity comes as the next step. These are deeply related to individual employee's welfare and satisfaction.